Care of Ilizarov’s external fixation device

The limb carrying this fixation device must not be allowed to get wet as this would pose the risk of superficial infection of the soft tissues around the wires. Therefore, the patient may not take a bath or shower without first accurately protecting the limb with a waterproof covering. Hygiene of the affected limb can be carried out using a damp sponge with a little soap. As for the device itself, the wires can be kept clean with cotton wool imbued with alcohol solution.
Special clothing and footwear are recommended. Helpful suggestions and details regarding the former shall be enclosed.
For lower limb treatment, crutches shall be required and should be prescribed by the Physiotherapist in charge of the case.
Two 10mm spanners shall be required for periodic adjustment of the device. In addition, a bottle of red nail polish for plotting the movement of the bolts to be tightened at the prescribed times.
For lengthening procedures, the fixation device shall be subjected to progressive action by utilizing the wrenches through loosening and subsequent tightening of the nuts according to detailed instructions pertaining to the case in hand, during pre-established intervals 4-6 times a day.
Such a phase may continue over a long period of time and could cause pain due to stretching of the skin and muscles. In any case, such pain can be controlled with appropriate pharmaceutical intervention