Post-operative care

Post-operative care Approximately 7-10 days after hospital discharge, the first out-patient examination is performed and the wound is medicated. Thereafter, follow-up examinations are carried out every two weeks, while radiographic control is carried out monthly. In cases of lengthening and correction of deformities, radiographic follow-up must be performed every two weeks. Such rigorous

Care of Ilizarov’s external fixation device

Care of Ilizarov's external fixation device The limb carrying this fixation device must not be allowed to get wet as this would pose the risk of superficial infection of the soft tissues around the wires. Therefore, the patient may not take a bath or shower without first accurately protecting the limb with a

Potential complications

Potential Complications Infection of the soft tissues around the tramites of the trans-osseous wires that manifests as local pain at the site of insertion, redness, swelling, increase in local temperature and fever; Abundant serous secretion and consequent soaking of the gauze dressing; Breakage of the trans-osseous wires accompanied by the sensation of internal